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"I am so grateful that you recommended Karam to me. He's understanding, sympathetic, and very knowledgeable. He remodeled my home, both inside and out, and he did a beautiful job. It's really well designed and crafted. I'm delighted."


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Contacting Us

You can contact us by email, fax, or phone. Please let us know what kind of project you'd like us to consider. We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss your plans.

How We Work With You

We can work with you in one of two ways;

  • Design-Build Project – from the design stage to the finished project.
  • Project Built From Completed Construction Plans – we work with you and your architect or designer to complete your project as planned.

Design-Build Project

We manage a design-build project from the early design stages through final completion of your project. Depending on the project and its scope, we may invite our architect or kitchen and bath designers to participate with you in the process. Here are some steps to get started on your project.

  1. Consultation
  2. Early on, we meet with you, the homeowner. We listen carefully and ask questions about what you want to accomplish with your remodeling project. We evaluate the present condition of your home as it relates to your project. We do our best to answer your questions, and as appropriate make suggestions related to your interests and project objectives. Your goals might include better use of existing space, more space, an updated kitchen or bath, better lighting, new finishes for a better looking home, energy efficient solutions, new windows and doors, a more comfortable home, and so on.

  3. Design Teamwork
  4. We put together a team to develop a good design solution that is within your project budget. We monitor estimated costs throughout the process of designing the project and preparing construction drawings. This helps us to form a realistic idea of a cost range, and to make adjustments as needed before completing the plans.

  5. Contract Preparation and Permitting
  6. When the design and construction drawings are completed, we can determine the final price, prepare a contract, and obtain the needed permits.

  7. Start to Finish Construction Management
  8. We work with you to pick a good time to start the project and set a work schedule for timely completion. Then we start the job, and remain until the final walk-through when the job is finished.

Project Using Your Completed Construction Plans

If you have construction plans provided by your architect, we can work with them. We still want to make sure that we understand what you'd like your project to do for you, so here are some steps we take when working with completed plans.

  1. Consultation
  2. We meet with you, and we also like to meet with your architect to review the details of his or her plans. This helps us gain a fuller understanding of your project and its important features. Again, we listen carefully and ask questions.

  3. Contract Preparation and Permitting
  4. Using your completed plans, we present you with our price. If you select us as your contractor, we prepare a contract and obtain the needed permits.

  5. Start to Finish Construction Management
  6. We work with you to pick a good time to start the project and set a work schedule for timely completion. Then we start the job, and remain until the final walk through when the job is finished. We are happy to consult with your architect at any time during the project as may be appropriate.