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"I am so grateful that you recommended Karam to me. He's understanding, sympathetic, and very knowledgeable. He remodeled my home, both inside and out, and he did a beautiful job. It's really well designed and crafted. I'm delighted."

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Remodeling for Better Homes

    Springwood Builders is committed to helping you achieve your remodeling goals. Remodeling means a serious investment of time, planning, and money. That's why we take a careful and thorough approach to all our projects. When we're finished, your home should work better for you: that is, it should be more aesthetically pleasing, safer, healthier and more energy efficient than before.

    We take a whole house system approach to remodeling. We know that a home performs best when all its building components complement each other. A good whole house plan includes thinking about floor plans, design features, heating and cooling systems, natural and artificial lighting, ventilation, and materials and products. Even in smaller projects, such as a one-room remodel, room addition, or kitchen remodel, these factors can be considered.

    We build to last. We want our work to be durable. We use proven building science to deliver high quality work in every aspect of the project. Our craftspeople are skilled at fine finish and detail work. But it's just as important to us that what's beneath the surface is also constructed properly: framing, insulation and ventilation, moisture control, installation of windows and doors, electrical work, plumbing, and water management.